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By taut, Jun 19 2015 06:50PM

Rotaract Club of York has been awarded a Presidential Citation award for actively working to 'Light Up Rotary' this year!

Rotaractors have been invited to Rotary Club of York assembly on Friday 19th June, 2015. District governer has presented the award during this meeting to our Rotaractors. Well done everyone!

By taut, Jun 19 2015 06:45PM

Technology Tournament is an annually organised event by Rotary. It takes plains inside the National Railway Museum in York! In this tournament a variety of schools participate by gathering several different teams from different year students. These teams then have to solve a technological task as a team and are judged by a panel of judges. Our Rotaractors Constantin and Tautvydas have voluntered for judging this year. It was a great experience for them - meeting all these great teams and following their progress. It is always great pleasure to meet all the Rotarians as well.

By taut, Jun 19 2015 06:44PM

Rotarians have invited us to join them on a trip to the Coal Mining Museum. It was a great day out and we have come to know more about the history of English Coal Mining Industry, about the miner lives themselves and ofcourse mining. We were taken to real still active mine underground (~130m below the surface) and guide has walked us around showing and explaining various mining operations. It was a great and extremely interesting day out! It ended with a great lunch together with Rotarians.

By taut, Mar 6 2015 03:21PM

We have hosted a bake-sale at University of York next to the Students Centre. It was a great success and Rotaract raised over 130 pounds from this bakesale. Every single cake was sold at the end!

We had a variety of cakes prepared by Rotaracters and some new members as well! We had great fun at the stall and in particularly the star of the sale Francois even managed to recruit more people to help!

Thank you all for coming, baking and getting some cake!

This year all fundraising Rotaract does is in support for Young Minds charity and Doctors Without Borders.

By taut, Mar 6 2015 03:15PM

We had two speakers from Rotary at our meeting today - Brian Joscelyne and Lukasz Druzic. They ran a workshop on what it is like personally to run a business and what are the key things to consider in starting up, running and finally exiting a private business. Brian and Lukasz both have experience in running business at very different background and provided great experience, advice and opinions about the subject.

It was an extremely valuable experience and everybody enjoyed the workshop very much. Thank so much for coming Lukasz and Brian!